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What App Do I Need?

Firefly Integrations offers a vast array of software applications for mobile devices. It's important to understand which app will work with your RV.

The mobile app that will work with your coach is based on the hardware in your Firefly system and/or by what control screen you have.

To find out which app you need, please refer to the information provided below.

Vegatouch Mira and Eclipse

Vegatouch Mira/Eclipse hardware is typically used in conjunction with one or more of several control screen technologies including 7" Spectrum, 7" Lyra, 10" Polaris, and 5" Lynx screens but can be in systems without a screen.

You can find out which app you need by clicking on the settings button/gear icon and clicking on the Mobile App button on the settings page.

Vegatouch Orion

Vegatouch Orion is the premiere control screen offering from Firefly Integrations. One of the unique features of Orion is mobile device connectivity has been integrated within the screen hardware.

To find out what app you need on an Orion screen, click on Settings/Pairing on the home screen. Tap the app icon below the QR code and two QR code will appear. Scan the appropriate code based on the type of mobile device you have.

It is possible, however, to have our Vegatouch Axis module. Axis uses the same logic as the Orion screen, just without the screen itself.

Download Apps

Eclipse uses multiple networking technologies to control a variety of RV systems including AV devices. It can be used both locally and remotely.

Get Eclipse!

Vegatouch Eclipse

The Mira app uses wireless technology to control a variety of RV systems while in or near the coach.

Get Mira!

Vegatouch Mira

Intrepid was developed by Firefly Integrations and is an OEM specific app designed to control Newell coaches both locally and remotely.

Get Intrepid!



Nebula is OEM specific to control 2019 model-year or newer Entegra Anthem/Cornerstone coaches in a web-based environment.

Get Nebula!

Vegatouch Nebula

Aurora was specifically designed as a companion app for our Orion brand touchscreens, utilizing web-based technology to control your system.

Get Aurora!

Vegatouch Aurora

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