Multi Plexing Switch Kit & G12

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Multi Plexing Switch Kit & G12

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Description The G12 panel provides plenty of flexibility with optional connectors such as an additional CAN network connection, additional NET ports, Real Time Clock, and a connector specifically for up to 8 contact closure pins. The G12 offers several options for tank monitoring. This maintenance-free design controls all types of lighting, awning, water pump, vent fans, HVAC, tank levels and rocker switch inputs all within a single, enclosure.
Dimensions H: 5.16in, W: 3.47in, D: 0.38in
Product Description The SSP17 Series of switch panels features a simple, modern layout. Wireless switches operate on a coin-cell battery and utilizes a wired touchscreen that controls each paired wireless switch's logic. Wireless switches with backlighting function the same way as standard wireless switches but has the additional function of backlighting. Wired switches allow the added features of backlighting and status indicators.

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