Beyond The Bulb

Firefly Integrations' Cutting-Edge Lighting Features

Firefly touch screens in front of RV kitchen and living space
Polaris and Pulsar in RV living space.

Firefly Integrations' multiplex systems can control the many amazing features of your RV including the lights, temperature controls, generator, slides and awnings, and much more! The lighting elements of our control systems have some exciting features including an all-on/off Light Master with memory, dimmer settings, and Light Scene settings. Firefly Integrations can enhance your RV experience in ways you never expected so you won't be left in the dark!

Lighting Basics

Let's start with the basics. The light bulb icon will indicate the lights page. On the lights page of your primary screens, you can view the status of and control the lights located throughout your entire RV. On most touchscreens, there will be a blue indicator mark around each light to display if the light is on. If you have secondary screens in your vehicle, lighting controls on your lights page will be specific to the area where the screen is located but will still have a light master.

Light Master

The Light Master can turn on and off every light in your RV with the simple touch of a button. This setting is beneficial when you're heading out the door and want to ensure all the lights are off or you are coming inside on a dark night. The light master can be accessed from both the homepage and lights page on most touchscreens and has a memory feature that makes this setting even more amazing.

When you press the “Off” button the Firefly system automatically remembers which lights you had on and what dim settings you had established. When you press the “On” button, the lights will return to the exact settings you had when you pressed the “Off” button. This means you can automatically return your lights to the exact specifications you previously had including both the dimmer settings and selected lights. If you press the “Off” button twice, it will reset the memory and when you press the “On” button, none of your lights will turn on as there will not be an existing memory in your Firefly system. To turn on every light in your vehicle, press and hold the “On” button on your light master and watch your RV become fully illuminated.

Dimming Capability

Not every light in your RV will be dimmable but Firefly Integrations has taken steps to make it easier to figure out which ones are. Each dimmable light will have up and down arrows to indicate that they have dimming capabilities. To adjust the brightness of your lights, you press and hold the light you wish to dim or brighten. When the light reaches the desired brightness level, release the button to confirm your setting.

Light Scenes

Light Scenes allow you to create preset light and dimming settings that you can customize to fit your needs. Whether you like watching movies with perfectly dimmed lights to give you that theater feeling or prefer your lights set a certain way for your midday nap, Light Scenes allow you to quickly and easily set the lights exactly how you want.

To set your Light Scenes, click the “Light Scenes” button on the homepage then, select the “Scene Setup” button. From there, you can select up to 10 lights to connect to your scene and then press “Confirm” to finalize your light selection. You can use the On and Off buttons on the Light Scenes page to control your new scene. Additionally, if you select dimmable lights when you create your scene, a brightness bar will display with the scene, and you can adjust and set the brightness for the entire scene.

Firefly Integrations takes all these incredible light features one step further by making all these elements available to be controlled and monitored on your cell phone or tablet via a mobile app. To learn more about our app offering and to find out which app is right for you, click here.