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At Firefly, we have worked hard to create a family environment within our company. Here you're not just another employee, you're a member of the Firefly Family. Joining our team means that every single employee here will strive to help you meet your full potential related to learning, understanding, and executing in our business. We'd be excited to have you!

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Programming Team

Our Programming Team creates software that controls and integrates with advanced systems within recreational or fleet vehicles.

Tech Support

Tech Support Team

Our Tech Support Team assists customers in resolving issues and updating recreational or fleet vehicles to maintain the caliber of quality that is expected in our products.


Office Administration Team

Our Admin Team ensures that our facility is maintained and running smoothly by conducting proactive and reactive maintenance around the building.


IT Department Team

Our IT Team is responsible for the upkeep and reliable operation of our internal systems.

A/V Systems

Audio and Video Team

Our AV Team designs, programs, and builds custom solutions for recreational and fleet vehicles.


Warranty Team

Our Warranty Team is responsible for collecting, reviewing, and approving warranty claims.


Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team maintains the brand mission and vision by innovating and implementing new strategies.


Sales Team

Our Sales Team is the face of our company; they are responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with our customers.

Customer Support

Customer Support Team

Our Customer Support Team sets customers up for success by providing excellent care throughout the purchasing and shipping process.

Front Line

Front Line Team

Our Front-Line Team carefully prepares our products for shipping to customers while ensuring that the component meets our quality standards.

Engineering Design

Engineering Team

Our Engineering Team curates materials essential to the understanding and working of our products in recreational or fleet vehicles.


Testing Team

Our Testing Team verifies the unit programming integrity based on customer-provided specifications and documentation regarding company-based standards.

Open Positions

Help Desk/Jr. Systems Network Admin

This position is responsible for monitoring and managing the Firefly Help Desk. Will be responsible for providing technical assistance with computer systems, hardware, and software issues. Respond to queries, run diagnostic programs, isolate problems, and determine and implement solutions. This position will also work closely with the Sr. Systems Administrator to help support our internal network and server infrastructure.

  • Serve as the first point of contact for employees seeking technical assistance
  • Monitor and respond quickly to requests received through the IT help desk
  • Record events and problems and their resolutions in the IT ticketing system
  • Direct significant or unresolved issues to the next level of support personnel
  • Set up and manage domain accounts, Microsoft 365 user and email accounts, authorized local and remote access security, and other software licenses
  • Manage physical hardware inventory in the IT asset system
  • Administer company telephone services