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The Firefly System

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Distribution Hardware & Switches

Leading by innovation, engineering to each customer’s specific application, not adapting other products to meet the customer’s needs. Firefly listens to the customers' unique needs, designs applications with specific solutions, and provides service and support well after the sale.
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Our switch panels introduce real time system monitoring through our line of Vegatouch capacitive color touch panels including Polaris, Lyra, and Lynx. The touchscreen display eliminates the need for installing varying, isolated monitors, displays and switches by having them all combined into one functional, stylish and cost effective switch panel.

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The Benefits

We strive to prove ourselves as a valuable partner to all who interact with our system. Each customer experiences different benefits depending on what interactions are had with the product.

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Reduced Complexity

All of the switch panels and control modules/panel(s) are connected together by a single CAN network cable. Furthermore, each load (light circuit, pump, valve or motor) connects directly to its assigned control module or panel, without the need for additional breaker/ fuse panels, switches or power distribution terminals within the circuit.

Significant Wire & Component Reduction

The Firefly System can offer a 40-75% reduction in the wiring and harnesses required by a ‘conventionally’ wired electrical system, saving space, reducing weight and associated effort. Additional savings are achieved by eliminating the need for any external dimmers, transformers, breaker/fuse panels or ‘Master Controllers’.

Greater Production Efficiency

Fewer components, reduced connections and simplified installations work together to increase overall efficiency through the various stages of the manufacturing process.

Unparalleled Flexibility

The modular design of the components in the Firefly System allow the system to be scaled to size for any project—large or small. It also offers the flexibility to add, remove or revise any part of the system during production or post-production.

Ease of Operation

Careful attention has been put into the details that make the operation extremely simple and intuitive. The function of each button is clearly displayed on appropriately sized buttons that are logically placed and easy to read. Each button is evenly backlit by multi-color LED illumination to provide feedback to the operator on the status of each function.

Added Convenience

Operate the lighting, window coverings, and mechanical systems from multiple convenient locations with the simple touch of a button. Control of all the various systems is seamlessly brought together into attractive and uniform user interfaces, eliminating the need for many different types of unsightly displays and operator panels.

Added Features

A few of the many features include lighting that can be infinitely dimmed to any level or the ability to leave a room and turn all lights off with a single button press. Then the same lights—or if desired, all lights— can be turned back on with another simple button press. Or touching a button labeled ‘MOVIE SCENE’ can simultaneously dim the appropriate lights and lower the shades for an enhanced atmosphere. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Training Sessions

Training sessions on our products and services are provided for free to any service center that works on vehicles with the Firefly System. We understand that with custom products there needs to be custom training and that is what we have developed. This will help service techs understand our system so they can be comfortable when they see a vehicle equipped with a Firefly System pulling into the service center.

Easy Installation

The Firefly System is easy to install and easy to service with an understanding of our products. After training techs will be experts on the Firefly System and able to support customers that have our system in their vehicles. We can reduce the wiring within the coach by 40-75% and each wire is specifically colored-coded for easy plug-and-play. Troubleshooting guides are also available for general troubleshooting and coach-specific troubleshooting guides to help guide techs through parts replacement or repairs. Videos are also available to provide a visual understanding of the servicing process.


The Firefly Switches

Our wireless switches come in 2 position, 4 position, and 8 position button configurations. Once paired to one of our touchscreens, they operate off of a single coin-cell battery. The switches are surface mount with no cut-outs and cable runs—which cuts installation and maintenance costs. Our 4 position and 8 position wireless switches feature pre-programmed backlighting to easily see the buttons in the dark once a button is pressed.

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The Firefly Control Panel

Firefly control panels have been designed to offer the maximum amount of integration in the smallest package for both high-end and low-end applications. 

Our flagship G12 panel features dimming channels, reverse polarity, contact closure, high-current outputs, low-current, high-current relays, half bridges with programmable polarity, temp sensor inputs, touch, probe, and TruTank™ inputs, 12V inputs, ground inputs, LPG inputs, generator running/hour inputs, chassis voltage input, house voltage input, and 12V constant battery input for time clock. Our system features unique connectors to prevent mis-plugging. 

At only 6" W x 8.95" H x 1.2" D, the G12 panel is a versatile power distribution solution in a small form factor. The G12 is available in several different configurations based on system requirements.

Other control panel solutions are available based on projects specifications.

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