Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Definitions

What is an OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. For us, these are the companies that build your RV. 

What Does "RV-C" Stand For?

RV-C is a communications protocol based on the Controller Area Network bus. It is used in RVs to allow house and chassis components to communicate. 

What Does "AV" Stand For?

"AV" stands for audio and video. Here at Firefly, we have an entire team dedicated to making sure the audio and video are connected to our multiplex system in your coach. 

What Does "RGB-W" Stand For?

This is a light source that uses Red, Green, Blue, and White LEDs.

What Does "HVAC" Stand For?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

General FAQs

What is a Multiplex System?

A multiplex system is defined as a method by which multiple analog or digital signals are combined into one signal over a shared medium.

What Makes Us Different?

Here at Firefly, we provide customers with the best-in-class custom multiplex system to control their coach. We have a customer-focused vision meaning our customers are the most important part of our operation. With unmatched levels of customer service, we are committed to going far beyond the sale of our products- we strive to provide the best aftermarket support and product training in an effort to strengthen the relationship with our customers.

What is a Firefly System?

The Firefly System integrates RV electrical controls and systems monitoring onto a single platform, enabling users to operate their RV via mobile app, or onboard LCD touchscreens and wall switches. The system generally includes control panels, LCD touchscreens, wall switches, tank monitoring systems, and energy management systems, and other components. 

What sizes do the LCD Touchscreens come in?

The new systems come with LCD Touchscreens in 3.5", 5", 7", and 10.1"

Website Questions

What should I do when my vehicle doesn't show in the list when I'm signing up for my account?

When signing up for an account, the website will ask what RV you currently own. This is the RV that will be registered to your account, so please be sure it is correct. It may happen that when you look up your specific vehicle, it does not show up. If this occurs, please submit a request to to have your vehicle added to the list. We will have someone on our team add the vehicle as soon as possible so that you can finish creating your account. Thank you for working with us on this effort.

What’s the difference between a Pro Account and a Regular Account? Who should have a Pro Account and why?

Pro Accounts are for our manufacturing customers, dealerships, and service centers. As an RV owner, it is only necessary to have a regular account. Pro accounts offer businesses the opportunity to view and work with multiple vehicles. If you are a business that needs access to a Pro Account, please submit a request to and the Firefly team will approve if all qualifications are met. If you are an RV owner with more than one vehicle, please contact us and we can work through that with you.

You can find detailed instructions on requesting a Pro Account here

I added a product to my cart but when I register/log in, it disappears. Why?

If a product disappears from your cart after you log in, it is because the product you have selected is not compatible with the vehicle associated with your account. The easiest way to prevent this is to log in or register your account prior to shopping so you see only the products that are compatible with your vehicle or to use the drop downs at the top of the Shop Here page to find products specific to your vehicle. If you feel an item you have selected has been removed from your cart by mistake, please contact tech support.

When providing information about my vehicle, why isn’t there a place to include model year?

It is not uncommon for there to be a system change within the same model year. These system changes require new version numbers. So, we use version numbers instead of model years to more accurately identify the parts that best fit your vehicle.

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