The Benefits of RV Tailgating

Enhance Your Tailgating Experience with a Firefly System

table with hotdogs and hamburgers in front of an RV
Let an RV take your tailgate to the next level.

Football season is upon us! Whether you are a fan of Ohio State or Michigan, Alabama or Auburn, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs, or you are just hoping to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift, one thing most football fans can agree on is the excitement of tailgating.

Although there are many ways to tailgate, using an RV is by far the most comfortable and luxurious way to enjoy pre-game festivities with your friends and family. RV tailgating comes with amazing benefits including additional lighting for prime-time games and gloomy days, the option for indoor and outdoor activities with awnings to provide shade, TV access, and air conditioning, and a private bathroom. Tailgating with your RV is already great, but Firefly Integrations can make it even better!


For prime-time games and gloomy days your RV can provide the additional lighting you need to keep the party going. You can quickly step inside your vehicle and switch on your vehicle's exterior lights using Firefly's touchscreen interfaces or switch plates located in various places within the RV for easy access. In the middle of something? Our mobile apps give you the power to switch on the lights without stepping away from the grill, your game of cornhole, or your in-depth debate about who the greatest quarterback of all time is.

Lynx Touchscreen and SSP17 switch
Our Lynx touchscreen lights page and switch plate with external light controls.

Indoor and Outdoor Experience

Tailgating with your RV provides both an indoor and outdoor entertainment space. Although some people believe tailgating is a strictly outdoor activity, your RV provides the option for people in your group to decide if they are more comfortable sitting inside or out. And if the weather turns sour, your RV provides a safe, dry area equipped with a kitchen and TV so the tailgating festivities can continue.

Slides and Awnings

Getting everything set up for game day can be a monstrous task. Setting up for a day of RV tailgating means opening your slides to provide additional space inside your vehicle and your awnings to provide shade outside of your vehicle on scorching hot days. Between craning your neck to try and peer out the window, running inside and outside repeatedly, or shouting back and forth with your partner to make sure you do not hit anything while opening your slides and awnings, the stress of just setting up your RV can be overwhelming.

Luckily, Firefly Integrations' mobile apps give you the power to turn this tedious task into an expeditious endeavor. By downloading one of our mobile apps onto your phone or tablet, you can control and monitor the various features of your RV from your devices, including your slides and awnings. This allows you to stand outside and operate these elements of your vehicle while you can see what you are doing.

Hand holding phone with the Mira app
The slides and awning page on our Mira mobile app.

TV Access

A major benefit of tailgating with an RV is having TV access. This allows you to keep up with other games while waiting for your team to play. Another noteworthy feature you can use from your mobile device is your TV lifts. If your RV's lifts are programmed with the Firefly system, you can pull out the TV with the touch of a button. Using the app on your device or the touch screens and switch plates within your vehicle, you can easily get the TV out and ready to go while continuing to get things set up for your tailgate. And, as the party gets started, you can check the scores for other games while you grill, eat, and socialize. Afterall, tailgating for your team should not mean missing all the action of the other games!

HVAC Controls

An additional feature that you can operate from both inside and outside of your RV, the HVAC controls. You can make sure the air conditioning units and heaters are set to desirable temperatures for sweltering end of summer game days and the chillier ones later in the season. This allows you to ensure everyone at your party is comfortable whether they are spending time inside or out.

Polaris 10-in touch screen
Our Polaris touchscreen climate control page.

Private Bathroom

By far one of the biggest benefits of RV tailgating is having a private bathroom. Let's be honest, public bathrooms are not ideal and porta-potties are often incredibly disgusting. When tailgating with your RV, not only do you get to avoid the long trek through the parking lot to the nearest bathroom, but you also get to avoid lines waiting for the bathroom, and the gross and uncomfortable feel of public bathroom settings.

The Firefly Integrations multiplex system incorporates tank monitoring features into the interface. The touchscreens inside your vehicle show you how full your fresh, gray, and black tanks are. Before you head to the stadium, you can check your tank levels to make sure you will be good for the day. Bathroom seeing more traffic than anticipated? Don't worry, you can monitor your tanks from your touchscreens at any time or pull out your phone and check them from one of our mobile apps.

Dirty porta-potties in a parking lot
Say no to porta-potties by tailgating in your RV.

The benefits of RV tailgating do not stop there. So, load the fridge, grab the grill, fire up your RV and head on down to the stadium for the ultimate fan experience, enhanced by Firefly Integrations. Learn more about our mobile apps, and never miss a memorable tailgating moment.