Using Your Network Wiring Diagram

Get the correct parts for your vehicle with your Network Wiring Diagram

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Featured Integrations of a standard Firefly system.

After creating an account and logging in you will be brought to the dashboard. Here there are many resources available to you such as tracking your orders, canceling your order, starting a return or refund, managing your vehicle, contacting tech support, and viewing the resource library. In the Resource Library will be a list of resources that are specific to your vehicle. Most accounts, for now, will have a Module Diagram and a Network Wiring Diagram. The Network Wiring Diagram (NWD) is what we will be referencing for the rest of this article.

The NWD will show a basic image of your coach and where parts of the Firefly System are located within the vehicle and their corresponding part numbers. This can help make ordering parts much easier for owners. Just copy the part number that is next to the part you would like to order and then paste that number into the product search bar at the top of the “Shop Here” page. The product for that location will populate and you can add to the cart and proceed to checkout like normal.

As always, Tech Support will be able to assist with this process. To contact Tech Support please fill out the Tech Support Form or call (574) 825-4600 for live support.

Finding your Network wiring Diagram

Step 1:

To get to your Network Wiring Diagram, click on your account to see the drop-down list.

Account Navigation

Step 2:

Select "Account Overview"

Account Overview Selection

Step 3:

This will take you to your dashboard, scroll down and find “Resource Library” and click “View Content”.

Account Dashboard

Step 4:

Here you will find documentation specific to your vehicle. Find the heading “Network Wiring Diagrams” and click on it to open.

Vehicle Specific Documentation

Step 5:

Find the location of the product you are looking for and find the part number associated with it. Copy that part number.

Highlighted Part Number

Step 6:

Go Back to your account and click on “Shop Here” at the top of the page.

Shop Here

Step 7:

Paste the part number into the Search Bar.

Search for part number

Click on the product and add it to the cart to proceed with checkout!