Your Companion for RV Pet Safety

Learn how Firefly Integrations multiplex systems help to protect your pets on any adventure.

Cat and Dog in a RV

Through life's uncertainties, the presence of your pets can warm your heart in a uniquely comforting fashion. Aside from unconditional love and companionship, studies have shown that there are many benefits to pet ownership including decreased stress levels, increased heart health, and social and emotional growth. The benefits of pet ownership do not elude RV owners as an estimated 63% of RV owners have pets.

With RV living and travel, you get to experience freedom and flexibility without sacrificing the comfort and warmth of home. Immersing in the RV lifestyle with your animal friends by your side allows you to maintain that home-like atmosphere. With RV travel, the stress of finding a pet friendly place to stay is eliminated as your RV will function as a safe oasis for you and your pets.

Whether you are living in your RV, or just using it for camping trips and vacations, RVs are a premium alternative to traditional homes. These vehicles have proven over the years to be a valuable investment and a great long-term alternative to hotel rooms and, if you have a motorhome, you can avoid adding excess mileage to your car.

As you adventure and explore, you will likely visit restaurants, stores, and venues, or engage in other activities that are not pet friendly. With sizzling summer days and cool fall nights, you may feel an understandable aversion to leaving your pets in your RV alone for a long period of time. Fortunately, Firefly Integrations offers a game-changing solution that will give you peace of mind.

The Firefly multiplex system is fully integrated into vehicles to control and monitor features like HVAC/temperature controls, lighting, generator, AGS, water pump, and tanks. And, in our efforts to continue modernizing the RV industry, we have built an amazing lineup of mobile apps that allow you to easily control and monitor the state of your vehicle while you are away from your RV.

Phone and Tablet with Eclipse App
Eclipse app climate control page.

The apps give you the power to control and monitor every aspect of your vehicle, just as you would with the touchscreens and switch plates inside of your RV, locally within 90-feet of your vehicle. You can check on your pets without missing out on campfire conversations or while you are out chatting with your campground neighbors. If you plan to adventure outside of the 90-foot radius of your vehicle, you can upgrade to a different app, and operate all of these features remotely.

With the power to control and monitor the state of your RV in your pocket, you can check in at any time of day to make sure the temperature inside of your RV is comfortable for your pets.

At Firefly, we understand that pets are a part of the family, and ensuring their safety is not optional. Allow Firefly Integrations' Vegatouch mobile apps to help you keep your pets safe so you can embark on endless adventures and return home to your happy and healthy animal friends.

For more information on our mobile apps and to learn which app is right for you, click here.