Firefly Website Guide

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Logged-in user dashboard
Your account dashboard after creating an account and logging in.

Welcome to Firefly Integrations' new website! Our team has worked very hard to build a website that gives the best user experience to all our customers. Continue reading to learn about the website and find quick links to specific pages.

Tech Support

The Tech Support page gives a short overview of the unique support we provide to our customers. This includes an explanation of the information that our team needs to help you with your coach. The information that you can provide is very important as it helps the team understand the issues that you are experiencing. With the information, a Tech Support team member can understand the issue and work through possible solutions before reaching out to you. This way we can assist you and get your questions answered as quickly as possible. To contact Tech Support, you can use the Contact Form or call (574) 825-4600 to speak to a team member directly. We also provide support through our team of Field Engineers. These team members mostly help our manufacturing customers by providing support during the building process of the vehicles. Most days they are on site assisting with troubleshooting, training, and maintenance of our Firefly Systems.


The Training page is where you can learn about the training we offer for our manufacturing customers, dealerships, and service centers. For these customers, we offer training to help technicians learn about the Firefly System and give them the confidence to work with our system. This is an added benefit of the Firefly System for manufacturing customers, dealerships, and service centers as well as owners because you can trust that your system was installed correctly, and any maintenance is done by someone who understands the system. You can trust that these dealerships are trained and ready to work with our system. If you are a manufacturing customer, dealership, or service center wanting to register your technicians for training please use the Training Request page to schedule your training session.


The Warranty Page is where you can check our process, learn how to return your items, and read the terms and conditions. If you need to file a warranty claim, please reach out to that team directly using this email address: [email protected]

Creating an Account

There are several resources available for both users who are guests and those that are logged in. The resources visible to guest users are general How To's, troubleshooting guides, and update instructions. To those users that are logged in, there are coach-specific resources available under “Resource Library”.

Shop Here is where guest users can filter products by coach using the “shop your coach” feature at the top of the page. If you want to see the prices and proceed with checkout, please create an account, and enter your coach information. Because most of our products have very specific programming for your RV, we want to make sure you get the right part.

After creating an account, you will be able to view prices and complete an order. In your account dashboard, you can track your order, cancel an order, request a refund, manage your vehicles, and view the resource library. In the resource library, you can access the Network Wiring Diagram that corresponds with your coach. The Network Wiring Diagram shows the location of Firefly products in the coach with part numbers, you can copy and paste those part numbers into the products search bar to shop the products by location. Click here for instructions to guide you through this process.

For any other questions or concerns please use the Contact Form. We'd love to hear from you!